September 1, 2011

the frog, the penguin, the piglet

the frog

the penguin

the piglet

I hadn't picked up my crochet hooks for more than 10 minutes all summer long. Partially because when I sat in front of the tv I wanted to do nothing more than sit! And partially because its hot in the summer! 
Last month I scored big on craigslist--4 kitchen size garbage bags FULL of yarn for $20. Half of it I ended up donating to Bradford Woods for kids crafts. I wouldn't have had anywhere to put all of it it is yarn seems to be in almost every room of the house. A couple weeks ago I sat down one night and finished a scarf I'd started months ago. Then I got excited again and started trying to making a pig hat. This is not a new idea- people make animal shaped hats all the time. Once I finished the basic hat I found a really simple pattern online to make the ears and nose, then it turned into a pig! I think my favorite part is the tails from the ear flaps. The pig got me excited about animals so I made the penguin and the frog. Since I'm not one for following patterns it took a little while to figure out just how to create the features. But now I know and they should be much easier to replicate.  Hopefully I'll have a whole bunch of different animals for upcoming craft fairs!